Cam Girls

Cam girls is a relatively new complex word now adopted worldwide and used to describe webcam models performing live sex cam shows. Interestingly, there are still many people not familiar with the concept of the sexually explicit adult webcams and what is going on there. This educational article will finally explain to you what you always wanted to know about cam girls but you were afraid to ask.

Cam Girls

There is a variety of questions regarding the job of cam girl and we are about to cover every important aspect of this sexually explicit entertainment for adults. Actually, being involved with live cam girls can easily become a way of living and a serious addiction. So let’s go, one step at the time.

Cam Girls – all you need to know

#1 – Who are the cam girls?

Well, a good question. There are many people believing that girls behind web cam are some kind of untouchable girls, paid to perform in cam shows and that’s it. This is so wrong. If you hear someone talking about girls love to talk on sexy chat, you should know that these people are totally without experience in this field.

Cam Girls

The truth is quite different. In reality, between all those models online, you will find probably every type of girl you are looking for. The popularity of adult webcam niche is rising for years now and not showing signs of slowing down. This means that more and more fresh new cams girls are getting into the game with every new day. We love to say that this is a dream coming true for every lonely or horny guy out there.

So to answer the question, a variety of sex chat girls you can see and hear in sex shows are coming from different social environments. You will find girls next doors, horny sluts, dominant femdom females, innocent girls, experienced mature MILF ladies, sexy teens or even famous porn stars! Basically, there is no way to count all categories here. We will suggest to click here and browse all available categories where you can chat and interact with hundreds of sexy webcam hosts.

#2 – Why girls are hosting live webcam shows?

As with everything else in our lives, there is a different story behind everything you see around. It is no different with girls live in a live show. Still, there are two most important things why everyday girls will decide to provide sexual acts and show their sexuality to strangers. The first reason is universal and it is money. Top rated cam girls can live without doing anything else and that’s really great.

Cam Girls

But more important is the second reason. They simply enjoy and love being involved in consensual sexual acts. The idea of being watched in the most intimate moments is a big turn on for most of the people. It is just a question will they admit it. These girls have the courage not only to say it but to actually do it. We would like to add that raw honesty is probably one of the most important reasons for people watching them on the other side.

You know, being in contact with so many different people and pleasing their fetishes and secret sexual desires will change the mindset of an ordinary girl. We are talking about the huge experience most of the cam girls are getting in their fuck show sessions. The thrill coming from the exploration of own sexuality is universal motivation for both sides, cam girls and people paying to watch and enjoy best live sex exhibitions.

#3 – Where are cam models are coming from?

The next logical question is about the origin of webcam girls. Many of you would like to know where a girl who flash pussy in front of them is located. Well, some of the basic info, you will find in the profile section for every model. Usually, there is no precise location info but still, some of the sites will actually give you info about the precise location of a cam chat model.

Cam Girls

Still, it is understandable that many girls want to hide their identity and avoid to be discovered by a local community. Some of them are still living with parents, some are working in public institutions like schools, libraries or medical companies and some of the women are parents. You don’t need a detailed explanation to figure it out what could happen if someone discovers that nice women they know are actually raunchy and horny sluts doing things like the sexy dance, anal show, guided masturbation, etc and giving aids to provide sexual satisfaction to people worldwide.

#4 – What is the price for talking to webcam girls?

Without getting precise info, we can still talk about the average price for online sex between two consenting adults. Average webcam girl price is expressed in cost per minute. Similar like with the phone sex that was so popular before. We can add that sex cams are the natural evolution of the mentioned phenomenon.

Cam Girls

Anyway, depending on the website where you will look for this type of sexual entertainment, prices may vary. Beside platform where cam girls are doing their private shows, price depends on the experience of the girl but also on the niche (category) where she is performing. Simply speaking it is kind of a market on its own but same general rules can be applied here.

For example, if a girl just started performing on webcam and doing this type of sex work where her maximum reach is to flash tits for you, then she can’t charge much for it. Compare that with a professional dominatrix with years of experience in BDSM slavery or with a genuine porn star willing to do double penetration with sex toys for you. Clearly, there is a huge difference.

Anyway, we did a calculation and a thorough examination of the market and calculated that an average price for a minute in private shows is around $1,95. Pretty affordable considering that you can now experiment and experience things that you could only see on images and videos on adult sites.

#5 – What is the difference between free chat and private shows? 

Now when we are talking about the prices, and that is something people always want to know, you should know that there are free live and free webcam shows. Yes, free, for real. Although there are some limitations, you can still jerk off while watching sexually explicit material without spending a dime. There are two reliable ways to do this.

Cam Girls

The first one is to take advantage of the free chat section that every model online has. There, you can try to get girl’s attention but in reality, you will compete with a bunch of horny guys sending lascivious messages and stating ridiculous demands. Something that will ruin experience after a while. Still, you will be able to watch cam girls live until they go to the private video chat room. This means that free adult stream can be suddenly interrupted without a warning. Well, that’s the price if you don’t want to pay. Still, you can look that from the bright side. There is a big chance you will experience a ruined orgasm. Something that other guys are paying to get, lol.

The second way to watch free cam girls is to choose a website that is working based on a free cam business model. The ideal choice would be Chatrubate where most of the cam girls will provide sexual shows in full length while people watching them are tipping to motivate them to go beyond regular and expected stuff.

Of course, you can always go into the private webcam sex show where you will be one on one with a favorite girl. Your new girlfriend will do nasty stuff for your eyes only. Once you try and feel this type of chat system, free cams will be the last thing on your kinky mind.

#6 – How many girls live are online?

One more question that won’t get a precise answer. As previously mentioned, there is a big number of ordinary girls joining cams and sex chat industry while you are reading this. Multiply that with all those sites and you will figure it out why it is hard to give a precise number or even an approximate number.

Cam Girls

One is for sure, we are talking about thousands of live webcam girls chatting right now and with a show in progress at this moment. If you take into consideration different time zones and some models not doing cam shows every day, then we are talking about tens of thousands of horny girls being into the nude webcam industry.

#7 – What are the top rated sexy chat websites featuring live cams?

Tastes are different so this question will probably get a different answer if you ask different people. But Hot Camz, as an ultimate resource for everything related to cam girls, best live webcam show and news related to this type of sexual entertainment did a great thing to help you choose your favorite website to watch live girls.

Cam Girls

We have reviewed the most popular and best cam websites and we did it with absolute dedication to the details. You can learn more about them in the webcam sites reviews section.

#8 – What are the most affordable sites with live sex shows?

It is always about the money and the girls, isn’t it? If you were reading this article carefully, then you know the price of the average online sex show. Still, some of you want to get most for their money is the questions is legitimate. Before creating an account, it is always good to know how to spend less money and get a better customer service.

To get more details about how to get most for your buck when it comes to live sex on web cams, check out next two articles. The first one is about really cheap live sex chat and the second one is for those looking for cheapest fetish webcam video chats.

#9 – What are some more things I should know

Clearly, you are guessing that there are some rules to follow. They are not complicated and they are logical and expected for most of the people. The most important rules you should keep on your mind are stated below:

  • All models are legal years of age. Sure, on teen cams some of them really look young but girls under 18 are not allowed to register for consensual sexual activity on live cams.
  • If a girl believes she is in jeopardy and that you are acting violently and inappropriate, she has the right to cancel video link with you.
  • Some forms of violence and torture are allowed but only if a girl agrees on that. For example, on BDSM cams.
  • When you enter the site, you need to be an adult to watch naked girls. To get into the private room, credit or debit card will be used as proof of your age.
  • Recording and publishing of webcam shows are not allowed.

#10 – What types of sex cams are there?

Considering that webcam shows for an adult are online for many years now, practically this means that all legal forms of sex shows are firmly established and sorted as own and separate categories.

It is hard to count all of them but some of the most popular are shaved pussy,Asian girls cams, hairy pussy, pussy play, penetration with a sex toy, big tits, big ass, pussy squirt, strapon, dildo fuck, BDSM humiliation, double penetration, ebony girls cams other types of ethnic cams, blondes, nylon fetish cams and much more. You can also pick the favorite girls by body type (skinny, tall, curvy, petite, small angels, etc).

As with every other serious thing in your life, getting cam girls love will take you some time for exploration before you finally find your preferred type of girl to chat on webcam.

#11 – What do I need to be able to talk to webcam girl and chat and interact with them?

This question was probably the most important one at the time where webcams sex scene started its development. Today, probably every visitor already have what it takes.

The most important thing is the internet connection that is fast enough so you can see a video stream without interruptions. You don’t want to pay for a private chat and then see every 10th frame of the video, don’t you? When we say fast enough, this means a stable internet connection with over 1 Mbps. Probably something that everyone has these days. With this speed, you will be able to watch HD live cams, absolutely unhindered.

A second thing is a webcam on your end. It is not necessary but some girls love to watch how you are reacting to their performance. It is up to you to decide will you let them watch you. Having own webcam (most of the laptops today have it built in) is important for people info live female domination where they are in a role of a submissive person while the dominant girl is controlling them.

#12 – Are solo sex chat with cam girls my only option?

As long as you are asking this question, this means you already browsed some of the categories, you naughty boy. There, you noticed something more than solo girls cams, right?

Yes, some of the cam girls are actually doing real sex scenes with their partners, for you. People into voyeurism or cuckolding will appreciate this option. The next level is to look for girls doing it with more people which means threesomes or even in group cam sex sessions. It is really a special kind of experience but we will let you discover and see is this something for you.

#13 – What are the advantages of erotic shows with cam girls?

Hey guys, this is an amateur question. Once you taste it, you won’t ask it ever again. But if you are still in the newbie phase and would still like to hear obvious, these are some of the most important advantages of live sex cams:

  • Choosing to enter private cam shows with a suitable model will ensure that you finally experience things that were reserved your fantasy only. For example, you always wanted to see a closeup of an anal hole and how it is stretching inside out while the girl is pushing a dildo inside. Now you can do it and you can ask her to do it for hours if this is your fetish. Let your imagination do the job, there are so many different fantasies. Girls in private cam rooms are here to please you, finally. The best part is that you won’t feel shame or guilt for asking stuff you wouldn’t dare otherwise.
  • Price for this real-life experience is ridiculously low. Of course, you can spend your whole savings on cam girls but try to be reasonable if possible and be careful with girls specialized in moneydom and wallet-draining.
  • Most people actually never had a real chance to try various different things and spice up their sexual life. Live sex cams are the perfect playground and kind of a classroom where you will learn new things and discover new fetishes. Who knows, maybe a big booty ebony girl in high heels is something that will turn you on but you were not aware of that because you never had a chance to try it.
  • many people are looking for an additional way to earn some money. You can apply to become the partner and hos your own couple sex shows. Or if you are a girl, we can bet that you will ask yourself how does it feel to do all those nasty things in front of a webcam while thousands of people are masturbating on you.
  • Being lucky is part of life. Same applies to live sex cams. Maybe your favorite cam girls are located somewhere near you and she will accept to meet you in person. These things really happen to ordinary guys like you. But you need to get girl’s attention and trust first.

The conclusion

If you follow terms and conditions of adult cams chat service, dirty talking to sexy girls on cams is an irreplaceable experience. There are so many things and ways how where a session can go and it is practically impossible to predict what will happen inside a web chat room. Our main advice is to free your mind, finally be what you are and simply get what you always from the girls and didn’t have balls to try or ask them to do.

You got to the end of this awesome informational article about cam girls! Job well done! What else we have for you is this great cheap sex cam site which you must visit if you are a true live sex aficionado – Sex Cam Deals.