Webcam Sex

Webcam sex is the fastest growing industry in the vast space of adult entertainment. This article is intended not only to connect you with naked girls that will give you unforgettable live webcam sex experience but to educate you and give you extensive info about everything you should know related to this subject.

Webcam Sex

Even if webcam sex can sound like virtual reality and something that many people would consider pretty innocent, only those who already tried cam sex video chat know how far is this from the truth. We are going to talk more about it later in this article. Right now, let’s start with a history of live sex cams and try to find out when they occurred online.

Webcam sex – when did it start?

To get a better idea and if you are old enough, try to remember how the internet looked like back in 1997. Why that year? Because somewhere at that time one clever girl got a spectacular idea to put her complete life online. And when we say life, this means everything, from everyday activities up to live sex with her partner. Considering this was over 20 years ago, you must admit it was an innovative approach at that moment.

Webcam Sex

Girl’s name was Ana Voog and she is active online even today, although not on Anacam, her website that brought revolution in lives of so many people around the globe. On that site, visitors were able to watch free live streaming of her ordinary life including her daily activities such as cooking dinner, vacuuming, chatting with visitors and much more. While sex and nudity played only a modest role in what could be seen on free adult cam, Ms. Voog gained considerable attention and became a pioneer in something that will later become multi-billion dollar industry that we know today.

Webcam Sex

This approach led to extreme popularity. At that time, there were around 7 million people visiting the site, per day! Imagine that in time where Google hadn’t been invented yet! Of course, the technology of that time was nothing close to high quality HD sex webcam we have today. Actually, a web cam she was using was one of now now-defunct FTP web cams. Video stream (if we can call it that way) was refreshed rarely with low-quality photos. A single picture would take three minutes to upload using a dial-up internet link. Still, Ana was the first naughty girl ever who broadcasted sexual intercourse in a webcam show.

Later, some other people noticed the enormous popularity and potential of this approach and started making websites that were usually one sensual cam model homepage. What happened later is now part of history.

Cybersex – what is that?

Fast forward a few decades into the future and now we are witnessing the expansion of cybersex and accompanying industry. Some of the things that are normal today would sound like science fiction before. We are talking about high definition webcams, Lovense Lush remote controlled vibrators, VR live cams, cam2cam (two-way video) sessions and much more. Cybersex is a universal term for all those sexually explicit activities on live cam people love to do so much. Synonyms are computer sex, internet sex, netsex and, colloquially, cyber or cybering.

Webcam Sex

Anyway, some people can easily confuse it with different forms of textual sex chat which always refers to communication without video or sound. This is why webcam sex is the smartest term to use when describing modern live sex cam video chat (one or two way, it doesn’t matter).

Webcam Sex – the basics

Without getting into the details and personal preference of every webcam porn videos lover, there are some elements that are universal for each sex cam chat session. To experience good and undisturbed live webcam sex video show, you will need a few things. These are a reliable internet connection, credit card, a sex site hosting adult cams shows and a webcam. The last one is not necessary if you are into voyeurism and you only want to watch girls without letting them see you. Basically, all of them are something every person of legal years of age have today.

When you think better, availability of everything mentioned is leading in a surge of online sex shows lovers. Having sex on webcam chat created one more phenomenon and that is a fact that many young people try hot cam porn even before having a real intimate contact with other sex. Understandable at their age, people want to explore and learn especially when they are young. Being involved in sexual activities even on free live sex cams is beneficial. It will save them from many unpleasant situations in real life and help them to be more relaxed when times for “real life” action comes.

How much choice is there on video xxx chat?

One of the common questions coming from those still hesitating to register a free account and join sexy girls in hot webcam live sex chat. Ok, that’s fine and there is a simple answer to this question.

Best quality adult webcam sites are offering literally everything you are craving for. Actually, probably much more and when visited, those sites will give you even some fresh ideas and help explore your own sexuality in ways that were not possible until now. Variety of offers and erotic roleplay scenarios available with webcam models is simply not possible in everyday life. Or at least if you are not a playboy billionaire chased by hundreds of horny girls. We all know that you are not one of those guys, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, right?

Undiminished popularity of amateur webcam girls resulted in literally thousands of them being available for naked webcam interaction with you at every moment. It is not important what part of the day is at your place because there are girls (and boys if you are into the lesbian gay live sex shows) from all parts of the globe.

This is one more bonus and advantage of webcam sex. You can now approach various ethnic groups that were unreachable before. For example, you always wanted to see a black American girl or Asian hottie from the close fingering herself. Now, all that is only a few clicks away.

So let’s get back to the selection and diversity of webcam xxx porn experience. We will count just some of the many online sex categories where cam models love to play and offering exclusive amateur cam sessions. Nasty and sometimes kinky stuff you will find are teen webcam shows, big boobs cam girls, hairy pussy, shaved pussy, super hot wet pussy, female orgasm and squirting cams, webcam dildo penetration, erotic dance, dildo ride girls, webcam masturbation, BBW dirty dildo action, big breasts chat, deepthroat dildo, models in lingerie, webcam anal and much more.

Maybe you noticed none of the fetish categories is mentioned in the list up. This is because there are so many of them that you can watch it as a totally separate part of the live sex cam chat experience. Same as above, there is no chance to count them all but some most noticeable subcategories are BDSM cams, feet fetish and foot worship live, live girls in latex, female domination and slave training online, dominatrix cams, live bondage webcams and much more. We have just scratched the surface with this.

On top of mentioned, most of the best webcam sites have advanced search option. This means that there are simple and irreplaceable tools made to make your show girls experience even better. When browsing and searching for the perfect match you can choose additional parameters like hair color, body type, ethnicity or age. There are some more filters available but maybe most important of all is an option to choose a girl’s willingness. Basically, you will see the list of available options where you will check what are you looking for. This comes particularly handy if you are looking for something specific to be featured in cam site video chat show. That can be many things like strapon dildo, sexy doll, chains or some kind of activity like CBT roleplay, humiliatrix, fetish SPH, erotic dancing, etc.

This option is created to save time for both sides and let you get into the webcam sex as fast as possible. Maybe it will get some time to get used to it but once you are sure what are you doing, complete webcam sex experience will become smooth and flawless.

What is the price of live sex cam shows?

Cost of being alone with a favorite type of girls on webcam is undoubtedly lower compared to what you would need to spend for real life sex. And we are talking about expenses necessary just for trying to do something without any guarantee that you will actually succeed. Imagine if you are looking for a hot girl with a strong sex drive willing to wear nylon stockings and lingerie for you while letting you use her pussy and ass and enjoy watching her petite body from every angle.

Just to get there you will have to spend money for a date and it is usually not one but at least few appointments, then cost for gasoline or taxi, perfumes, presents, dinner or even a hotel room. Not only that will cost you more but you will spend huge amounts of valuable time and often stay disappointed. Now would probably be a good moment to mention potential risk of venereal diseases of sexually transmitted one if you are into gay sex with men.

With a nude webcam, everything is clean, simple fast and private. From the comfort of your room, you can find a sexual partner at any time of the day and based on your current mood. You know, maybe you are into hot blonde with big tits right now but will discover that dark haired hot teen with trimmed pussy is something that is really turning you on. You just never had a chance to taste it and this is why cam live is the ideal solution to experiment.

Anyway, to give you a precise answer to question about price is impossible because of so many variables which influence the price (age of the girl, popularity, willingness, location, etc). Prices are varying from $0.5 up to $5 per minute. The average price is around $2 but if you are moneybag looking to save money, take a look at the article about cheap live sex cams and find out more about the most affordable sex cam shows.

Is webcam sex considered the same as cheating?

This is a question for your wife or a girlfriend in the first place. Maybe you won’t interpret it as cheating of partner because there is no direct physical contact between consenting parties in the act of webcam sex but few year old attempts to answer this question discovered a different opinion.

In a try to answer this sensitive question, certified psychiatrists conducted a questionnaire of women whose spouses were occupying in significant numbers of extramarital sexual activity, either on the internet or in the real world. Results saying that when it comes to the negative impact of sex and love outside the bounds of an apparently monogamous relation, tech-based and real-world interactions are absolutely the same: the emotional shock, the sense of disloyalty, and the waste of relationship trust feel exactly the same to the aggrieved partner.

Why we are mentioning this at all? Because for many people camming will become an everyday activity. Be aware it is not a game or joke and that you should better hide it from your partner to avoid problems discussed above. Of course, just like in real life, there is always option to call your wife to watch sex shows together with you. For that purpose, you can choose to watch some webcam couple fucking live. Yes, live sex is not only reserved for solo models. You can choose to interact with couples fucking online or even watch group sex cam shows.

As with other things, there are multiple options available like live chat in private sex shows featuring two females and one guy or two guys and one horny girl. If you are lucky (and kinky) enough, there is an option to enjoy online sex shows featuring stepsisters and their brothers or even siblings! It is up to you and your inner sexual preference, desire and passion to choose in what direction you will go.

What are the advantages of live sex webcam videos?

Hey guys, if you were reading carefully this article about hot amateur porn webcams, then you know we already covered the most important benefits. In case you are only looking for a fast jerk off on webcam girls and you skipped this part, this is a short version.

  • availability – morning, evening or late at night it doesn’t matter. There is always a girl ready to please your hot fantasies at any time of the day. They love to be naughty and really enjoy what they are doing on sex cams. This way, horny women have an excuse and way to satisfy their exhibitionist nature. A win-win situation for everyone.
  • diversity – sex chat room repository is a place full of pleasure. Hardcore shows, slave training or seduction sessions, whatever you are looking for is already there. Variety of options tailored to please even the most demanding sexual appetites are the key to the success of sensual cam industry.
  • affordability – did you know there are literally thousands of free live sex shows at every moment? Check out some of them by clicking here.
  • simplicity – desktop or a mobile device, everything is optimized for a quick access and flawless erotic encounter on webcam.
  • speed – there is no faster way to please your sexual needs than to jump in cam model private sex chat room or watch free live sex cam shows.
  • anonymity – amateur xxx shows are very tempting but any people are afraid they privacy will be in jeopardy. Once again, there is a serious protection layer and terms of use privacy policy covering this up to the tiniest detail. Just relax, pull out your dick and stroke it hard like it is your first or last time. Enjoy not only watching libidinous girls but be free and show them your dick, if that is your fantasy. Don’t be shy, best live sex cams are the embodiment of your secret and oddish sexual nature.

Final words before you lose control with a sexy girl on cam

Video sex chat experience is one of the most amusing things that you can provide for yourself. Some people are so into that they are preparing sex toys like a huge dildo, high definition cams, lubes or some BDSM props that will help them get top rated sex encounter with verified amateurs online. But we have left the best part for the end.

It is not only that you can watch and have a video chat with cute girls and horny wives. The popularity of sexy webcams created one more phenomenon, fortunately for all of us. Now you can get in direct contact and talk on line with some of best pornstars actresses and have live sex with them! Incredible, isn’t it?

Anyway, Hot Camz just scratched the surface of the web world of passion and sex with girls on webcams. Bookmark this site and visit us often to find the best-rated women ready to unleash sexual energy with guys like you and to find out the most important news and promotions related to webcam sex.