Live Sex Cams

Live sex cams is one of the most searched terms online when it comes to adult webcams video chat. There is a perfectly good reason for that. Basically, this is one of the first things people are looking for when searching for the best live sex cam models and sexually explicit webcam chat shows.

Live Sex Cams

But when using this term to find your new favorite adult chat rooms, there is one important thing people are simply overlooking. Or to say it this way, what exactly are you expect from live sex cams? What exactly are you looking for?

Live Sex Cams

Believe it or not, there are still many men not being precisely sure what type of live porn they want to participate in. Luckily, Hot Camz is here as the ultimate guide into live sex chat and live sex on cam. Keep reading this resourceful article and enjoy links to the best sex online! Find everything you need to know about what you will find inside free live sex cams rooms but also inside private shows.

Live Sex Cams Explained

OK, let’s try giving the simple explanation. We have put ourselves into the position like we need to explain what is live sex cam to someone that is completely out of the sex chat world. Actually, it is much more complicated than we first thought. If we ignore the nature of a jumpy subject there is still much explaining left to do.

Live Sex Cams

Live sex cams is a modern technology that is letting people satisfy their sexual appetites and needs in the fast and easy way. There is probably no person in this world not having some special erotic fantasies. And if fantasy would be possible to happen, that it wouldn’t be fantasy, right? The main purpose of enjoying sexually explicit material with cam girls is the ability to solve this problem. With live cams, you will finally be able to try things you always wanted but never had guts to do it.

Live Sex Cams

As you will see in the text below, there are many different types of porn cams categories. They are practically covering everything that is legal which means you will have a chance to find a solution for the deepest sexual fantasies. Interestingly, we have to mention that there are some people enjoying talking to cam girl without expecting to see her naked. Maybe that sounds awkward considering what majority of visitors are doing inside the live chat but don’t forget there are many lonely people out there. Talking with a gentle and nice looking girl is a real cure for this condition. Anyway, let’s get back to streaming sex shows or how everyone is calling them, live webcam or video chatting.

Live Sex Cams

Now when you understand the purpose and nature of online relationships, the next most common question is about how a good hot cam session is conducted. While being in front of your monitor in your room, there is the desired model sitting in her room just like you. While you are watching what she is doing because her webcam is turned on, you will also be able to chat with her or even talk via a microphone (only for paid members).

Live Sex Cams

Look at that this way. While you watch a live girl, it is exactly the same as you are in the private room. A girl is in front of you, doing whatever you want but without touching. We believe this is actually the simplest description about how live sex cams work.

What are the best sex cam sites today?

Now, the next logical question is always the same. Horny guys looking for a good sex cam chat always wants to know where they will find the most beautiful naked girls. Even if there are literally thousands of sex cam sites, only a few really deserve the top ranking. Based on the combination of prices, amount of models, the number of features, availability of free live sex rooms and general value, below is the list of top 5 best live sex cams websites in 2018.

#1 – Chaturbate – probably the most memorable brand name, this website has a slightly different approach compared to the others. There is an extremely large number of totally free cams where you will be able to participate and get model’s attention by giving them tips. How Chaturbate free sex cams work, find out here.

#2 – Streamate – even if it visually resembles to first ranked, it is a completely different webpage with various models that provide sexual experiences in many fields. What is important is that a website translated into eight different languages. Get more interesting details about Streamate here.

#3 – X Love Cam – the third on this list is here mostly because of the incredible amount of registered and new models. There are over 35,000 of them which means that this is one of the biggest sex video chat websites. Click here to read a detailed review of X love cam.

#4 – Cams Creative – there is a good reason why this site has such a name. Just one look of the very specific design will tell you that this site is different than others. To find why and in which way, go to the detailed Cams Creative review.

#5 – Cam Contacts – it is always good when a name of the website already says what to expect there. With 4th ranked, you will be able to easily get in contact with sexy girls next door and tons of amateur babes. Cam contacts is a specific combination between erotic dating and a cam site.

Live Sex Cams

How to start an adult sex chat?

Most of the cam sites that provide sexual entertainment are working on the same or very similar principle. Once you see the list of currently available adult cams, you will click on the photo of girl you like the most. To start chatting, use the free chat window that is always incorporated into her streaming video. From there, you can try to get her attention or get some more info about availability and her willingness.

Live Sex Cams

From there, you are on your own. Our suggestion is not to hesitate or procrastinate if you like the girl you are seeing. As you will notice there are more people like you planning to take that ger for themselves only. Being fast and decisive will increase the chance to end up with her in a private cum show. Just like real life.

What is the difference between free live and paid sex cams?

The most important distinctiveness between these two is that you can watch free shows but it will take a paid session in a private room to get the “real deal”. When you think better, it is totally natural. If you meet a girl in the bar, you are not expecting to see her naked and fuck her right there. It will take some money to be spent on drinks, taxi or a hotel room to get what you want. Luckily, being in a private chat room will let you skip all that crap and speed up the whole process.

Where from are the girls in sex chat rooms?

Girls that engage in consensual sexual activity with you are coming from different parts of the globe. United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Africa, South America, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, etc. Interestingly, there are many sexy performers on sites coming from Eastern Europe, especially Romania.

There is the trick. Based on each live sex cams privacy policy, they are trying to protect the anonymity of the girls. Girls that explicitly request this feature won’t be available for visitors from their location (usually that is her home city or region). But you know what? Since you are on one of the best sites dedicated to live sex cams, Hot Camz, we have an advice for you.

If you want to be able to override this protection and you are exclusively looking for the cam girls in your area, there is a solution for that. You can trick any system or internet provider by faking your current location. It is a very simple thing to do and millions of people worldwide are using this trick at this moment. You will need to download and use a VPN application. A tiny app that will hide your location on desktop and mobile device too. One of the most popular VPN’s is Nord VPN and they have a free trial that you can use for this purpose.

What are the most popular adult webcam categories?

Very hard question and there is no exact answer to this. Still, some of the most searched sex shows based on the stats we have here are following general trends in porn videos industry. So the most popular sex chat shows sections are teen cams, MILF webcams, ebony girls cam shows, big tits cams, deepthroat cams, petite girls cams, big ass girls webcams, and solo masturbation webcams.

Besides these, there is a surge in popularity for fetish cams. These are BDSM cams, small penis humiliation cams, sissy webcam chats, hairy pussy cams, nylons (pantyhose and stockings), machine fucking cums and various types of fetish roleplay cams.

Maybe you noticed there is no mention of voyeur cams. That’s because there is something really special for the people that love to watch couples on cams in explicit sexual actions. This is a totally separate and very popular category followed by threesome cams and group sex webcams.

What to expect from webcam girls?

To avoid getting into details and wasting your time with a complete list here, there is one easy rule you should follow. Simply go to the personal profile of any girl you find interesting to you and you will see what she is willing to do for you inside a private live sex shows. With so many models online, it won’t take much before you find your favorite stuff.

If you really like some particular girl but her biography is not saying that she is doing what you want (for example, BDSM show with ass fucking) we suggest that you use a free web cam chat section mentioned above and simply ask her will she do it. You will be amazed how many times girls simply forgot to write and explain how kinky and slutty they are.

What’s the price of an average live sex cams show?

One more of those “hard” questions. There are multiple factors involved here. Some of them are the experience of a live adult model and website where the girl (or a male cam model) is performing. So you will have to investigate for a while if a price is a factor that will decide where you will be looking for sexual entertainment. Roughly speaking, lowest prices are starting somewhere at $0,50 per minute and slowly going up.

Naturally, if you find a well-known porn star on webcam (yep, that’s also possible), her time and expertise will cost more than some less experienced teen on cam. For more info about affordable sex cams, read cheap sex cams article we have prepared for you.

How to become one of the sex cam models?

Compared to the previous question, this one is easy. Everyone can be a cam model. This means girls and guys. Or you can apply for hosting a sex show with your girlfriend and partner. There is a place for, everyone, from solo models, shemales and trannies to gay couples and friends looking to explore their sexuality online.

There is a big number of sex webcam hosts simply enjoying being watched. A perfect solution for exhibitionists to do what they want without being afraid that they will have problems with local law enforcement. No more hiding in woods, fucking in semi-public places or cars. This is one of many advantages for adults as sexual “workers”.

For a simple application where you will put your info, always take a look at the footer of a website. Usually, there is a link intended for new models registrations on live sex cams where you will find more details and learn about this simple process. It is a great way to earn money and keep in mind, there are models wanted all the time.

Is live streaming of shows available on a mobile device?

Yes, it is. This is one of the most important features of live sex cams. There is a very good reason for that. When you get into the relationship with a specific girl on webcam and get into various sexual acts, a special bond is created. This is resulting in a virtual relationship where you will want to see her more often.

Having your mobile device with you will let you be in contact with your new girlfriend while you are on the move, care or in office. This feature is extremely important for those into femdom fetish webcams where their Mistress will want to control them more often than “regular” cam girls.

Is sex on cam safe and anonymous?

When you register as a new user (for both free or private adult cam chat sex) you will agree to the terms and conditions. It is an important part and it has to be like that because of all those men and women and sexually sensitive situations.

Yes, it is totally anonymous for you. Even your debit card statement won’t tell anything about your taboo and activity you are having on adult video chat websites. Once registered, the only thing you need to care is how to find the best hot naked girls and have some great time.

What kind of equipment do I need to get into cam chat?

This is more a formality than a serious question but still, Hot Camz loves to cover everything necessary for a safe and thrilling live cam experience. You will need a stable internet access, device connected to the internet (desktop, laptop, tablet or a phone) and speakers (what all of these devices already have).

In some scenarios, having your own webcam is necessary. For example, cam 2 cam between a submissive user (you) and a Dominatrix on the other end, requires that she can see what are you doing. We guess this is not a big deal considering prices of webcams and knowing that they are an integral part for most of the laptops.

Is there something else I should know before I try webcam sex?

There are a few things. More like reminders and useful pieces of advice from Hot Camz:

– You need to be legal years of age to get into sexual activity with other people.
– The recommendation is to always use your main email because there are often some promo offers coming there. Still, it is understandable if you don’t want to use an official email address. Using any that works is just fine.
– Check your credit card balance before you go in private. You don’t want to interrupt yourself masturbating because you are missing a few bucks necessary to end the session.
– if you violate the standards of civilized behavior, cam model has a right to interrupt streaming cam show. Insulting of girls is not allowed without special permission by model, necessary in BDSM humiliation roleplay.
– You have a right to deny to share your webcam stream if you feel uncomfortable finding yourself in situations you consider too embarrassing (for example, cum eating instructions).
– It is not allowed to record and publish images and videos of cams girls on other websites.

That’s it. Happy camming on live sex cams!